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Alzchem Trostberg GmbH Hall B1 / B1-610
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"Healthy soils mean healthy plants" goes the saying – and more than 115 years of calcium cyanamide production later this rule still hits the nail right on the head!

Bioteksa Europe GmbH Hall B1 / B1-380
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A Hyper Ca a day keeps the bitter pit away

Release the full potential of calcium! Our Colloidal Nanoporters® stabilise and optimise calcium uptake and provide a solution for healthier and more resilient crops.

AgriPV-Solutions GmbH Hall B4 / B4-712

Reference Kressbronn on lake Constance

Reference agrivoltaic system in an existing apple orchard in Kressbronn on Lake Constance, east-west elevation: Overbuilding of an existing 0.3 ha system.

Zupan d.o.o. Hall B3 / B3-524
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Individual plant protection machines

ZUPAN specializes in tailored plant protection machines. Visit our website to customize your ideal equipment, precisely matching your specifications and needs for optimal functionality.

Lebosol® Dünger GmbH Hall B2 / B2-402

Lebosol®-Silicon – foliar fertiliser for stone fruit

The formulation with orthosilicic acid enables the rapid and effective absorption of silicon via the leaf. This has the following advantages: 1.) Greater stress tolerance in extreme weather conditions, 2.) Better storage and transportability, 3.) Regulation of the water balance.

Farmable AS Hall B1 / B1-122

Digital spray documentation for audits

Save time compiling documentation for spray, fertilizer and harvest records before your audits. Take the stress out of reporting. Get ready for digital documentation requirements.

BASF SE Hall B1 / B1-350
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Belanty® - Innovation makes the difference

Belanty® - THE innovation from BASF has been available to professional fruit growers for reliable protection of their crops against scab, powdery mildew and monilia since 2023. Belanty® enjoyed enormous demand in the market and led to complete sell-out in the first season.

AgriPV-Solutions GmbH Hall B4 / B4-712

Reference Geisenheim in Hesse

Reference system Agri-Photovoltaics in the existing vineyard tracker system: software-controlled tracking of the modules according to the brightest point in the sky.

AgriPV-Solutions GmbH Hall B4 / B4-712
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Project Heuchlingen in Baden-Württemberg

Current agrivoltaic project on sweet cherries in Heuchlingen, Baden-Württemberg, east-west elevation: Construction of a test system/research with three different module transparencies.

Menno Chemie-Vertrieb GmbH Hall B1 / B1-580

Specialist Consultant/Key Account Manager (m, f, d)

MENNO CHEMIE is a German, medium-sized company based in Norderstedt. We are recruiting for the next possible date: Specialist Consultant/Key Account Manager (m, f, d) in the North Rhine-Westphalia sales region

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