Farmable AS

Short description

Farmable is a solution designed for your farm's unique needs. Orchards, vineyards, nuts, berries, and other specialty tree crops. Whatever your crop or farm type, Farmable will help you manage farming data with ease.

Standards, Brands, Products, Services

  • P Orcharding and viticulture
  • P Other products
  • P Plant protection
  • S Internet, web service
  • S Computer program
  • S Computers for agriculture

About us

Lars Blikom, one of the founders of Farmable, is a grower who experienced the lack of digital tools made for growers. With a group of other Norwegian growers, Lars noticed that an extra effort like digitalization could save hours spent filling reports and documents and organizing the work. That is how the idea of Farmable was born.

Our digital tool is a field-centric data hub for all information about farming operations through the seasons. Collect your data using the mobile app, organize data and analyze trends with our Web portal to improve efficiency and productivity on your farm. You'll get a better overview of ongoing activities on your farm and use the data as the starting point for all future improvement initiatives, ranging from changing agronomy strategies to applying new technologies.

What challenges can we help with?

  • Notes, data, and information about fields are spread across different devices, spreadsheets, and systems.
  • Uncertainty if all crop treatment jobs are done correctly and completed 
  • Record-keeping and documentation related to your fields takes too much time
  • Fields' data is not available for future automation and smart farming

What does our solution, Farmable, do?

  • Track every row that has been treated
  • Control the completion of crop treatment jobs with real-time tracking, speed, and duration monitoring (by contractors and farm own workers)
  • Prevent lost records and forgotten observations by collecting notes in one place
  • Access and export field records and documentation
  • Digitalize farm data for future precision farming