Digital spray documentation for audits

Save time compiling documentation for spray, fertilizer and harvest records before your audits. Take the stress out of reporting. Get ready for digital documentation requirements.

Farmable offers you features that already prepare you for digital documentation requirements. Document crop protection, fertilizer applications and harvesting with just a few clicks. Save time and comply with legal regulations without much effort.

Documentation done with Farmable follows requirements by GLOBALG.A.P., QS.G.A.P., Cross Compliance (CC-Prüfungen), and all requirements for IPM and organic certification.

Use the official list of plant protection products from the BVL database with all authorization regulations directly in the mobile app.

🌱 Automate Documentation on the Go:

  • Easily document spray, fertilizer, and harvest records directly from your mobile, even in the tractor.
  • Effortlessly compile audit-ready reports, saving you valuable time and eliminating stress during reporting.

3 Easy steps to be compliance

🚜 Three Easy Steps to Compliance:

  • Conveniently record all mandatory requirements during spray jobs: causes, product, application rate, equipment, and operator.
  • Utilize the spray tank calculator to ensure accurate product and water amounts, preventing errors in spray logs.
  • Access an audit-ready digital spray log instantly on the mobile app.

📊 All Logs in One Place for Easy Overview:

  • Create, edit, and review spray and fertilizer jobs on the mobile app.
  • Seamlessly prepare for reporting with up-to-date logs available anytime, anywhere.
  • Streamline your reporting process by organizing and exporting logs as PDF and spreadsheet files.

⚠️ Stay Compliant with Smart Alerts:

  • Receive alerts for maximum applications, maximum volumes, application intervals, and withholding periods before harvest, ensuring adherence to product label requirements.
  • Benefit from weather data and Delta T for informed spray decision-making based on current conditions.
  • Get in-field warnings for withholding periods and re-entry intervals through intuitive warning symbols.

📋 Products on Farm and Official Product Lists:

  • Manage all products for spray and fertilizer applications in one centralized place.
  • Skip the hassle with automatic updates to expiration dates, registration numbers, application rates, etc.
  • Access lists of officially approved products by BVL

🆓 Get Started for Free:

  • Download the mobile app and set up your farm effortlessly.
  • Upgrade to Farmable Pro for audit-ready reports, alerts for product label restrictions, and more.