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NEW: Product Inventory Management meets Farm Management

Always up-to-date on inventory status for plant protection products. Register new purchases, waste and recounts in the app. Consumption of spray jobs is subtracted automatically. Save time on documentation and be always ready for an audit.

Managing chemical product inventory remains one of the main challenges in daily farm operations. Especially concerning regulatory compliance and standards such as Global GAP, Freshcare, QS GAP, and others.

It requires accurate record-keeping of purchases, receipts, usage for spraying and fertilizer applications, and records for disposals of all products used on the farm. All of which is time-consuming and error-prone if managed manually.

Main challenges with product inventory management:

  • Keeping an updated log of products in stock at all times to comply with regulatory requirements
  • Manually updating inventory levels in daily operations is too time-consuming

To make this easy for farm managers, we set out to simplify and automate the complex processes of tracking and managing chemical product inventory and usage as part of our mobile app.

For 2024, we are introducing a new feature for easy product inventory management. We are excited to launch a solution that: 

  1. Makes it easy to update inventories during a busy day
  2. Automatically keep product inventory levels up to date
  3. Saves time preparing reports for audits

Our Product Inventory Management feature is directly integrated with Farmable’s mobile app. It combines the following functionality to optimize the management of chemical product inventory on farms:

  • Real-Time Inventory Tracking: Overview of stock levels and usage for each chemical product in inventory. Record new purchases, inventory recounts and disposals.
  • Product Inventory Reporting: Automatically generate reports on inventory turnover and stock levels meeting regulatory standards such as GLOBALG.A.P. and QSG.A.P.. Easily export inventory data in various formats (spreadsheets, PDFs) for audits, inspections, and reporting.
  • Automated Updates: Automatically maintain balanced inventory levels. Stock levels are automatically adjusted using product volumes from recorded spray and fertilizer applications.
  • Product Costs per Field: Get insights into product usage, costs per field, and the value left in your inventory.