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Project Heuchlingen in Baden-Württemberg

Current agrivoltaic project on sweet cherries in Heuchlingen, Baden-Württemberg, east-west elevation: Construction of a test system/research with three different module transparencies.

Construction of a test facility/research, slight slope towards south/south-west, row spacing approx. 4.13 m, lower edge height 4.00 m, sweet cherry east-west-orientation, length of 80 m including approx. 2 × 4.16 m headland, even distribution (~22.5 m) over the different module transparencies, ridge slightly overlapped (module over module), foil roofing with lateral closure by nets.
Total generator output approx. 225 kWp.


  • Photovoltaic power generation
  • Utilization of the area
  • Protective effect of rainproof roofing and netting: fruit bursting, fruit rot, birds and cherry vinegar flies
  • Higher proportion of marketable fruit, less burst fruit
  • More effective harvesting, less sorting effort
  • Lower costs, more profit


  • Bifacial modules: 16 bifacial 450W modules (2,095 x 1,039 x 30 mm) per row (8 front and 8 rear, headland), 112 modules in total, PV generator output 50.40 kWp
  • Semi-transparent 250W 49 % transparency modules: a total of 476 semi-transparent 250W modules (49 % transparency, 2,095 x 1,039 x 30 mm), PV generator output 119.00 kWp
  • Semi-transparent 115W 77 % transparency modules: a total of 476 semi-transparent 115W modules (77 % transparency, 2,095 x 1,039 x 30 mm), PV generator output 54.74 kWp
  • Total installed modules: 1,064 units


  • Installation type: One module vertical
  • Orientation: East-West
  • Module inclination angle: 10 - 15°
  • Clearance height 4,100 mm
  • Proof of stability through geotechnical expertise
  • Concrete free fixation through rammed profile


  • SMA STP Core brand, with high maximum efficiency of approx. 98 %

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