Product Highlight

Cultivate excellence at the heart of every woody crop with ACTIBOSCA

By intervening at key stages, ACTIBOSCA improves and secures the regularity and production quality of woody crops. Acting directly at the heart of the cell, it preserves the cultivar, ensuring the longevity of plantations.

ACTIBOSCA stands out by intervening at key stages, offering a significant improvement in the regularity and quality of woody crop production. This innovative product acts directly at the heart of the plant cell, raising cultivar preservation to an unprecedented level, ensuring the longevity and vitality of plantations.

ACTIBOSCA is particularly essential during the crucial phase of new planting, offering a triple guarantee. Firstly, it promotes optimal root anchorage, reinforcing tree stability and health. At the same time, it helps establish a harmonious balance in the canopy, enabling balanced, aesthetically pleasing growth.

ACTIBOSCA's impact is also felt during production, where it proves to be a major asset for growers. By facilitating rapid, healthy growth, it generates a significant gain in yield, propelling new plantings into a promising production cycle.

By investing in ACTIBOSCA, you're choosing more than just a growth stimulator. You're opting for a comprehensive strategy to improve the quality and sustainability of woody crops. Each application of ACTIBOSCA becomes a crucial step towards a prosperous, balanced agricultural environment, where plant vigor and longevity are undisputed priorities.