Product Highlight

Belanty® - Innovation makes the difference

Belanty® - THE innovation from BASF has been available to professional fruit growers for reliable protection of their crops against scab, powdery mildew and monilia since 2023. Belanty® enjoyed enormous demand in the market and led to complete sell-out in the first season.

Belanty® - The innovation in pome and stone fruit now available for you since 2023! 

Belanty® is a broad-spectrum fungicide for reliable protection against scab and powdery mildew in pome fruit and Monilinia species in stone fruit. Thanks to its uniquely mobile molecular structure, the active ingredient Revysol® is also highly effective on adapted fungal strains (azole shift). In combination with a formulation optimised for the active ingredient, Belanty® offers a high level of efficacy. Absorption into the plant tissue ensures an immediate effect and also provides reliable protection against losses due to weather influences such as rain and sunlight. Stable active ingredient depots on the plant surface and in the wax layer ensure a long-lasting permanent effect. The active ingredient Revysol® works regardless of the temperature. Belanty can therefore also be used in cool temperatures.  

Advantages at a glance 

  • Broad spectrum of action 
  • Pome fruit: scab, mildew 
  • Stone fruit: Monilinia 
  • Preventive and curative mode of action 
  • Temperature-independent effect 
  • Can be used flexibly 
  • Long-term authorisation (until 2030) 

Find out more about Belanty® at Fruchtwelt and get your copy of our fruit-growing brochure 2024!  The BASF agricultural team is looking forward to your visit at booth B1-350 in hall B1.