Biodevas Laboratoires

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Discover the expertise of Biodevas Laboratoires, at the heart of arboriculture since 2005. Specialized in the development and manufacture of biostimulants, they are formulated from 100% natural plant extracts to guarantee optimum crop protection, boost orchard vitality and manage oxidative stress.

Standards, Brands, Products, Services

  • S ISO 22000:2005 / TS 22002-4
  • S CE
  • P Orcharding and viticulture
  • P Special cultures
  • P Crop protection and fertilizer
  • P Plant protection
  • P Soil excipients, plant aids
  • S Sales and distribution

About us

Since 2005, Biodevas Laboratoires has been committed to the agricultural sector as the French specialist in biostimulants for crop nutrition and vitality, and oxidative stress management.

Convinced of the importance of reducing chemical inputs in our society, we formulate and produce solutions based on 100% natural plant extracts for arboriculturists, winegrowers and vegetable growers.

All our products meet the most demanding quality standards (ISO 22000, Certipaq, FiBL).

French innovation for the sustainable growth of your crops.

To find out more about our products' mechanisms of action and about our company, don't hesitate to come and meet us.