AgriPV-Solutions GmbH

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A professional solution provider in the field of agri-photovoltaics, conception and planning as well as the realization of projects for fruit, berry and wine growers, farmland and grassland to protect your crops.


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About us

We are one of Germany's leading companies in the planning, construction and commissioning of agri-photovoltaic systems based in Munich. We are passionate about finding the best agrivoltaic solutions for our customers to protect their fruit, berry and wine crops or agricultural products while producing solar power and preserving as much of their land as possible.

The completed projects at Lake Constance (apple cultivation), in the Rheingau (wine cultivation) and Heuchlingen currently under construction (sweet cherries) speak for our competence to realize tailor-made solutions. We attach great importance to the optimum coordination of all components, from the right substructure and the right modules to the optimum electrical connection of the system to the grid.

The failures of the past have had a noticeable impact and demand tailored solutions and new action. Our daily motivation is to protect your crops and plants sustainably now, for their preservation and at the same time to generate the urgently needed green electricity with photovoltaic modules.