Stone fruit

Cherries, plums, nectarines and many others are classed as stone fruit. They are amongst the most popular types of fruit in summer.

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Doma-Ker 2011 Kft. B3 / B3-520

Custom and series production food industrial machines

Speed, flexibility, reasonable delivery time When we designed our plant we had the ambition to create all of necessary activities in a ’stand-alone’ way, starting it with purchasing of materials and installation of all necessary machines, till final tests of the ready machines.

Green Sort sp. z o. o. B2 / B2-444
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Water unloading

The first water unloading on the market, with dimensions similar to tippers with an upper discharge. The dimensions are only 3.1 m in length, 2.2 m in width, and 3 m in height. The machine is fully automatic - you only need to press one button to start emptying the box.

Bayerisches Obstzentrum GmbH & Co. KG B1 / B1-140
Novelty / Premiere

Sweet cherry 'Natalie®' - the striped cherry

Natalie® – the fruits of this sweet cherry variety have it all: each fruit bears a black stripe on a red background, as if a diligent artist had painted each fruit with a steady hand. Your customers will immediately notice that this is something special!

Boomkwekerij Henri Fleuren B.V. B2 / B2-670
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Large sweet cherry assortment

Fleuren Tree Nursery is one of the best-known nurseries for sweet cherries in Europe. We focus on large-fruited black sweet cherry varieties in the early to late range. We have over 20 different varieties in our assortment.

MITTERER Professional Sprayers B3 / B3-500
Novelty / Premiere

CASCADE cleaning system

The continuous cleaning system CASCADE was specially developed for high-performance internal and external cleaning with 140 bar of sprayers directly in the field.

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Lebosol®-Silicon: The formulation with orthosilicic acid enables the quick and effective absorption of silicon via the leaf. This has the following advantages: Higher stress tolerance during weather extremes, better storage and transportability and regulation of the water balance.

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