Boomkwekerij Henri Fleuren B.V.

Short description

Fruit tree nursery for apple, pear, cherry and plum trees. Frost-resistant pear rootstock Q-Eline: Also organic fruit tree nursery for apple and pear trees. Various large fruited cherry varieties. We make the trees you earn money with!

About us

The tree nursery Fleuren was founded in 1922 by Herni Fleuren. Meanwhile the third generation with grandson Han Fleuren is at the head of the company.

The Fleuren nursery specialises in apple, pear, cherry and plum trees. We offer the apple varieties Magic Star/Natyra, Wellant, GS66 and other interesting varieties. In the cherry sector, we offer varieties such as the Cerasina® Prim and Final series, the established varieties such as Kordia and Regina, as well as other early to late varieties.

Fleuren works with great care to produce fruit trees of the highest quality. To achieve this, attention is not only focused on the fruit trees themselves, but on the entire production system. Fleuren's strength lies not only in the supply of high quality trees, but Fleuren also stands out for its good service, high reliability and individual advice tailored to the customer. Furthermore, Fleuren Nursery is the inventor of the "knip tree" and the "3K tree". The knip tree is the tree form with which planting systems are established worldwide. The 3K-tree is also a tree form suitable for intensive cultivation, which already bears fruit in the year of planting.