WURtwinning: The perfect balance between early and late varieties!

WURtwinning is the medium-late, scab-resistant, crisp apple. It ideally closes the window between early and late varieties. Visit our stand for more information.

Crunchiness with an addictive factor
The taste experience of WURtwinning is unrivalled, the distinctive and unique texture in combination with the excellent crunchy flesh makes it a very special apple. The juicy, fresh WURtwinning with its fruity flavour makes you want to take another bite, again and again. Make sure you get the last one before someone else does!

WURtwinning is resistant to scab, has a low susceptibility to fruit tree canker and a high tolerance to mildew. As a result, the variety requires less spraying than other varieties currently on the market. This makes WURtwinning an apple with a low need for pesticides, which is better for the environment, the grower and of course the consumer.

Description of the variety
WURtwinning is an aromatic and sweet-smelling apple with a slightly tart and tingling crispness. It is a bicoloured variety with a pink striped to red colouring with pronounced lenticels. This variety has a slight odour on the skin, which is washed off during grading. 

Ideally closes the window between early and late varieties. Come and visit us to experience the WURtwinning!