C. Schliessmann Kellerei-Chemie GmbH & Co.KG

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Our competencies: Distillery technology and analytics, wine technology and analytics, as well as beverage analytics, furthermore our beverage laboratory in Gronau, as well as specialist books from our own publishing house.

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About us

C. Schliessmann GmbH & Co. KG
- We accompany your successful beverage production until today!

What began in 1929 in Stuttgart as a sweet must equipment and advice centre is today an internationally active family business:

  • Wholesale and retail trade for auxiliary materials, food additives and equipment for the production and analysis of wines, spirits and fruit juices.
  • Production laboratory for the manufacture of chemical reagents for beverage testing
  • Metal and glass workshop for the production of analytical systems
  • Workshop for the assembly of equipment for fermentation, water treatment and filtration
  • Beverage laboratory for order analyses
  • specialist book publisher