Product Highlight

A portion of extra sweet, please!

Even if it says sour, it doesn't necessarily have to be extremely sour - Artevos GmbH proves this with its variety presentation at this year's Fruchtwelt 2024.

Whether cherry, currant or plum, there are four varieties that have an extra portion of "sweet". Above-average acid-sugar ratios and very high sugar contents promise unique taste experiences that make even the generic names pale.

The Artevos range includes these sweet little fruits, which, above all, can not only be “sweet”, but also promise uniqueness through other features:

ACHAT®   – the extra sweet - sour:

Fruity and harmonious in taste, versatile in processing: ACHAT® is a sour cherry with an above-average acid-sugar content and dark red fruits, both on the fruit peel and in the pulp. Because of its barely noticeable acidity, it is the ideal cherry for fresh consumption, direct marketing and processing, as the high-yielding variety is also suitable for mechanical harvesting as the stems simply separate from the fruit when fully ripe. Characteristic of ACHAT® are its fruiting on perennial wood and the long harvest window.

MARLENA® – the striking sweetness:

Red currant producers have been looking for a replacement for the currant variety 'Jonkheer van Tets' for years. Finally there is a worthy competitor: the Artevos variety MARLENA®. The special thing about the high-yielding variety is the very early ripening time, around mid-June, coupled with a strikingly sweet taste of the very high-quality currants. The large berries form a line on the long cluster and retain their bright red color until they are fully ripe.

KAMALA® – the crunchy heart:

This sweet cherry is particularly impressive because of its hard-fleshed, dark red, almost black, heart-shaped and shiny fruits, which taste interesting and spicy and are very resistant to bursting. The stem is strikingly fresh green, not too thick and long. The flesh is very dark red and very crunchy in the mouth. The long ripening window is approximately between 'Kordia' and 'Regina'; the fruits can remain on the tree for a very long time without losing their firmness and their intense, aromatic taste. In addition, KAMALA® is very easy to transport and store and therefore has optimal properties for problem-free marketing via wholesalers.

JULIKA® – the fully aromatic one:

For an early variety, JULIKA® has an exceptionally high sugar content and thus fills the harvest gap after 'Katinka'. The fully aromatic, very firm and yet juicy yellow pulp separates very well from the medium-sized stone of the equally medium-sized, dark blue and strongly scented fruits. JULIKA® is also a very robust variety and, above all, insensitive to Sharka, which produces regular and high yields.

From February 23rd to 25th, 2024, visitors to FRUCHTWELT BODENSEE, Fair Friedrichshafen, can find out about these and other fruit innovations at Artevos in Hall B1 at Stand B1-540.