Special cultures

Berries, fruits, vegetables or wine: a diverse landscape offers promising opportunities for special crops.

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Schneider Verblasetechnik B3 / B3-180

Winter White Paint

With a targeted winter white "paint" you achieve: a later sprouting time and significantly less frost damage, insects, fungi such as ESCA, mosses and lichens have no chance to settle down and hibernate. All nutrients are later available to the roots.

farmunited GmbH (inovel) B2 / B2-360
Product Highlight


Fully automatic control and spraying system for innovative crop protection. The name CLEVERSPRAY PRO is no coincidence – “simply spray smarter” saves time, effort and benefits the environment.


Looking for an autonomous tractor?

Lonomy has developed a system, that can make tractors in orchards and vineyards fully autonomous. See a demonstration of our technology in the video below.

Reiserschnittgarten Baden-Württemberg GmbH&Co.KG Wir l(i)eben Biodiversität! B2 / B2-154


Grafting material for fruit tree nurseries is grown in cutting nurseries. Certified healthy and true-to-type grafting buds of more than 500 tree fruit varieties are available to customers. View of the rice cutting nursery in the video.

Verein Publikationen Spezialkulturen VPS B3 / B3-370

Swiss magazine for orchards and viticulture

The Swiss specialist journal for fruit and wine growing appears 18 times a year and is published by the Publications Specialty Cultures Association. The magazine has been established 1865 and offers in-depth insights into the world of wine production, fruit and spirits production.

MESTO Spritzenfabrik E. Stockburger GmbH B3 / B3-214
Product Highlight

Pressure Sprayer with Belt Loop

Our belt-mounted pressure sprayer 3132GM: It allows comfortable spraying with free hands and maximum flexibility due to a long spiral hose. Discover now!

Ant Robotics FW / FW-17

Collaborative robotics for agriculture

VALERA - Increasing field productivity with collaborative robots for sustainable agriculture. Easy integration into existing field processes, up to 30% more effective in harvesting.


It has never been easier to understand the local climate

Agvolution is your innovation partner for climate-smart farming solutions. Combining our very own IoT sensors and software, we help create farm knowledge by connecting people & technology.

OrusLife GmbH Dr. Henning Götzke
Novelty / Premiere

Suflux - Liquid Sulfur

Suflux - the new elemental liquid sulfur (800 g/l) of outstanding quality for the cultivation of field and special crops and formulated as a suspension concentrate.

Vivai Mazzoni s.s. Società Agricola B1 / B1-224

A Family Tradition

An authentically Italian production chain for more than 60 years: where passion for our land's products is a family tradition. Productivity, cost containment, plant health and respect for the environment: these are the values that inspire our quest for innovative solutions on a daily basis.

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