Product Highlight

Vertical farms for soilless cultivation of fruits and vegetables

Agriculture is facing dramatic challenges, examples of which include increasing crop failures due to heavy rain and drought, water shortages, increasing regulatory requirements and staff shortages. So what to do?

Pflanzentheke GmbH develops and sells vertical farms for growing fruit and vegetables. Hydroponic systems are used here, i.e. the cultivation of fruits and vegetables using nutrient solutions outside the soil. Through closed cycles and targeted irrigation of the plants, 90% of the water and 85% of the fertilizer requirements are saved compared to conventional vegetable cultivation in the ground. Vertical cultivation simultaneously enables a multiple increase in yield per square meter compared to conventional cultivation.

Our vision is the permanent and secure supply of locally produced food. To protect the environment. For all humans.
True to this principle, PLANT THEKE GmbH offers complete solutions for fruit and vegetable cultivation, for company catering and for private end consumers. In addition to the vertical planting systems, these include, for example:

  • needs-based cultivation planning,
  • specially developed nutrient solutions,
  • automated measurement and control technology for the autonomous operation of the systems,
  • ongoing monitoring and advice up to
  • Complete operator concepts depending on customer requirements.

At the same time, we conduct intensive research and development in the areas of plant nutrition, crop management and farm systems.