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Are you still fertilizing or are you already nourishing?

What is the difference between plant fertilization and plant nutrition? We are convinced that plant nutrition goes beyond fertilization and is essential for innovative and future-oriented farms.

At first glance, it seems that fertilizing and nourishing are the same thing. We are convinced that nourishing a plant goes beyond fertilization. Fertilization involves the application of a range of ions (chemical elements), often through water-soluble fertilizers. The focus is on supplying the plant with the main nutrients and less on maintaining the growing medium. Plant nutrition also involves the application of ions, but at the right time and in a way that allows plants to absorb nutrients more efficiently. Plant nutrition also includes the regular supply of other essential elements for the plant and the soil, such as carbon (C), hydrogen (H), oxygen (O) and organic nitrogen (N). Plant nutrition goes beyond fertilization by promoting and providing other important biological compounds such as enzymes, microorganisms and phytohormones. The way in which nutrients are transported also determines whether the plant is stressed and the soil is affected. Plant nutrition therefore provides the necessary conditions in the growing medium. This includes an optimal soil structure that promotes the supply of oxygen to the roots and activates microbial life.

In summary, fertilization focuses primarily on the supply of nutrients, while plant nutrition takes a holistic approach. Plant nutrition sustainably improves both the conditions of the growing medium and the more efficient and balanced supply of essential nutrients. These are essential for healthy plant growth and crop development.

We invite you to discover our Nubiotek® products with Colloidal Nanoporters® and our SINC nutrition system. This system promotes soil regeneration and nourishes the plant at the right time without stressing it.  Another good way to get to know us after the trade fair is at our Online-Stammtisch, which we organize every Thursday at 2 pm during the winter months.