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Discover the world behind beer, beverages, food and pharmaceutical products at TUM Weihenstephan. Immerse yourself in tradition and innovation, from raw material extraction to product development. Your future begins with our unique range of courses. TU good to miss!

Brewing with degree Master brewer ('Diplombraumeister')

Is practical work the most important thing for you when it comes to studying? The traditional and unique degree course in brewing prepares you perfectly for your future in the beer and beverage industry. Right from the start, the focus is on professional practice and brewing technology. Your previous training as a brewer and maltster or a 15-month professional internship will serve as a basis. At the TUM Campus Weihenstephan, you will learn not only the fundamentals of natural science but also everything about the technical, technological and biological processes of beer and beverage production. Start your study program to become a master brewer now.

Brewing and Beverage Technology (B.Sc. und M.Sc)

Brewing engineers have been trained in Weihenstephan for more than 150 years, and this long tradition is what makes our degree program in brewing and beverage technology so unique. Here at the TUM you will learn everything about brewing beer and beverage production. You will deal with the engineering, biological, technological and biochemical processes relevant to a brewery. In addition to quality assurance, raw materials management, plant engineering, filling and packaging technology, future topics such as digitalization and Industry 4.0 also play an important role. Still not enough? How about producing innovative beverages? Product development and the control of sensory properties are of course also part of our Bachelor's program in Brewing and Beverage Technology.

Food Technology (B.Sc. und M.Sc)

Have you always wanted to look behind the scenes of industrial food production? To evaluate and ensure the quality of food and its production? Moreover, to set consumer trends and help shape the issue of sustainability through innovative products and packaging? The study of food technology provides you with knowledge about the entire value chain: raw material and quality management, manufacturing processes, product development and packaging technology. The areas of responsibility are diverse. Whether innovative dairy products, gluten-free bread, alternative sources of protein, or baby food – discover the diverse possibilities with the Bachelor’s in Food Technology at the TUM in Weihenstephan!

Pharmaceutical Bioprocess Engineering (B.Sc. und M.Sc)

Does the idea of contributing to people's health inspire you? How about changing the pharmaceutical industry with innovative processes, or combining natural sciences and engineering? With the Pharmaceutical Bioprocess Engineering program, which is unique in Germany, you will not only learn to be an outstanding process engineer, you will also gain the basic biotechnological knowledge required to analyze and improve molecular and cellular processes, process active biotechnological substances into drugs, optimize production methods, and develop new concepts in plant engineering. Redesign the biotechnological, chemical, and pharmaceutical industry – with a Bioprocess Engineering program at the TUM!