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In the automation of regularly recurring processes in stables and operations, stereotypes can be avoided and daily work can be organised to simplify work. Digital helpers have become indispensable. Read here about current and future-oriented developments.

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Pixofarm GmbH FW / FW-21

The smartphone as a helper in manual thinning

The smartphone already supports us in all kinds of processes. Why not also in fruit growing with operations like manual thinning? The Austrian start-up Pixofarm has developed a smartphone app that makes exactly that possible!

Farmable AS FW / FW-23
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Farmable: empowering farmers worldwide

We accompany fruit farmers on their digital journey by offering an easy-to-use digital tool where you will access everything you need to meet the future of farming.

farmunited GmbH (inovel) B2 / B2-360
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Fully automatic control and spraying system for innovative crop protection. The name CLEVERSPRAY PRO is no coincidence – “simply spray smarter” saves time, effort and benefits the environment.

Pixofarm GmbH FW / FW-21

Harvest Bin Scan: Reliable presorting result

The bin scan service has just been added to Pixofarm's growing list of services. With this service, fruit growers and cooperatives can take photos of their harvest bins using their smartphones, and the software will quickly count the fruit and display the different caliber classes.


Looking for an autonomous tractor?

Lonomy has developed a system, that can make tractors in orchards and vineyards fully autonomous. See a demonstration of our technology in the video below.

Green Sort sp. z o. o. B2 / B2-444
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Blueberry sorter

The Green Sort sorter detects internal damage. Analyzes the fruit in the visible light spectrum while overexposing them in infrared in the NIR spectrum.

Xibee GmbH FW / FW-24
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All self-service stations on your smartphone

Register, upload a current picture and you're already visible to the many Xibee users. In addition, you can easily inform your customers about current offers and availability. You can reach them even more specifically with push notifications.

CORAmaps GmbH FW / FW-16

Field boundaries and crops in Germany 2022

In its current publication, CORAmaps GmbH shows all field boudaries and crops for Germany in 2022. The data is available for further analysis via API.


It has never been easier to understand the local climate

Agvolution is your innovation partner for climate-smart farming solutions. Combining our very own IoT sensors and software, we help create farm knowledge by connecting people & technology.

Pixofarm GmbH FW / FW-21
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Better decisions across the entire value chain

A successful season is built on experience and a thorough understanding of your orchard. Pixofarm assists you in storing all important information in one location and serves as your companion throughout the season.

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