Product Highlight

Blueberry sorter

Compact in size, incredibly efficient, and advanced sorting lines for blueberries and small fruits. When combined with a precise weighing machine, they allow for full process automation

Our compact fruit sorter offers precise sorting of berries, controlling their size, color, and firmness. If you’re looking for a proven solution that prepares blueberries for sale, we can help you build a system that ensures optimal sorting. Thanks to its modular design, we can combine several devices at your facility, adjusting performance and line length to current needs. As your business grows, we can also add segments to enhance efficiency. Our intelligent blueberry sorting line utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms and innovative hybrid cameras that analyze fruits in both visible light and infrared spectrum.

The application of two cameras operating in visible light and infrared transmits information to a computer, which analyzes the image and compares it with programmed parameters. This allows for the rejection of immature and soft fruits. Our proprietary artificial intelligence system learns on its own, and additionally, new examples of blueberries that need to be sorted can be uploaded.

Our calibrators allow for the sorting of fruits of different sizes. By combining 2-3 calibrators in a single sorting line, we achieve the ability to separate fruits of varying sizes, such as 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and more. The calibration belts are interchangeable. Adding weight to the blueberry crates or connecting the system to an automatic weighing machine provides full automation and significantly reduces costs for the enterprise.