Product Highlight

Green Sort Vision sorter for apples and fruit

Green Sort sorter provides not only a precise measurement of a diameter, but also sorting by colour and detecting visible damages.. Modern vision systems combined with AI algorithms allow for detecting and classifying damages.

The Green Sort optical sorter, designed for the market, measures the size of fruits, analyzes their color, and detects surface damages. What sets it apart is its integration with an artificial intelligence module, allowing it to learn and continuously improve its accuracy in fruit verification.

In our sorting facility, fruits move between machine components without separating from them – they are not ejected or dropped from a height, which positively impacts the quality of sorted fruits.

The intelligent sorter, which learns over time, utilizes modern vision systems combined with artificial intelligence for defect detection and classification. As a result, the sorter can also categorize fruits for juice production, desserts, and other purposes.

In the context of the Green Sort sorting line, modular construction allows for the fulfillment of orders tailored to the individual needs of each customer. By producing all modules in-house, you ensure high quality of your product components. Whether it's a small space or a larger project, modular design provides flexibility and efficiency.