Product Highlight

Digital weather solution for daily work in fruit growing

With over 30,000 weather stations, Sencrop is the provider of the largest ag weather network in Europe. The precision weather stations Raincrop, Windcrop, Solarcrop, the leaf wetness sensor Leafcrop, Thermocrop and Soilcrop deliver ultra-local, real-time data directly from farmers' fields.

More than 25,000 users across Europe, including farmers, fruit and vegetable growers, winegrowers and their agricultural advisors, are already working with the Sencrop app. They benefit from precise, localised weather data such as temperature, humidity, wind speed and cumulative precipitation directly on their fields as well as measurements from a total of 35,000 connected stations. Sencrop thus offers Europe's largest network of agrometeorological data. This information density ensures the high degree of precision of the weather forecasts in the app.

The Sencrop weather app, which has been available in Germany since 2019, now offers new functions. These enable farmers to call up the weather forecast for up to six days in advance on their smartphone, tablet, or desktop. The innovation of the new feature of the Sencrop app is that up to 40 different forecast models are compared with the real data collected in the field from your own weather station and the connected network. In this way, the most precise models can be determined for each Sencrop user depending on location and season and used for the individual forecast. The results are clearly summarised in a single diagram.