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ETIVERA Verpackungstechnik GmbH B2 / B2-524
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ETIVERA, reliable partner for packaging & labels

ETIVERA a leading company in the production and distribution of packaging and labels and owns Europes most modern fulfillment logistics center. No matter if start-up or well-known brand, 1 or 1 million pieces – ETIVERA serves thousands of customers throughout Europe with packaging materials.

Farmable AS FW / FW-23
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Farmable: empowering farmers worldwide

We accompany fruit farmers on their digital journey by offering an easy-to-use digital tool where you will access everything you need to meet the future of farming.

GRIBA Baumschulgenossenschaft B3 / B3-400

Griba Nursery

A 35 year success story: Griba Nursery was founded in 1987. The 7 producing members grow 3 million fruit trees of the newest and most innovative varieties and clones on the market and export them all over the world.

Reiserschnittgarten Baden-Württemberg GmbH&Co.KG Wir l(i)eben Biodiversität! B2 / B2-154


Grafting material for fruit tree nurseries is grown in cutting nurseries. Certified healthy and true-to-type grafting buds of more than 500 tree fruit varieties are available to customers. View of the rice cutting nursery in the video.

Plattenhardt + Wirth GmbH | Industrie- und Kühlraumbau B1 / B1-510
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Flextor - prevent collision damage!

Doors are a crucial interface in the areas of logistics and material flow. Collision damage inevitably disrupts the entire operational process. The Flextor prevents this damage with its flexible door leaves!

Xibee GmbH FW / FW-24
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All self-service stations on your smartphone

Register, upload a current picture and you're already visible to the many Xibee users. In addition, you can easily inform your customers about current offers and availability. You can reach them even more specifically with push notifications.

CARBUNA AG B2 / B2-352
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Good soil is your capital

Because excellent soil improves yield, fruit quality, and plant vigor and longevity. With a well-developed soil, you have less effort for planting, maintenance and plant protection.

Ecocert Deutschland GmbH B3 / B3-132
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We support you on your way into the organic market

We offer certification services for sustainable development. The experts at Ecocert Deutschland GmbH, the organic certification body from Lake Constance, will inspect your business according to the requested standard and provide you with comprehensive information about the respective requirements.


It has never been easier to understand the local climate

Agvolution is your innovation partner for climate-smart farming solutions. Combining our very own IoT sensors and software, we help create farm knowledge by connecting people & technology.

DALIVAL B1 / B1-100

Nursery specialising in the creation and production of pip and stone fruit varieties

International fruit tree propagation and supply, underpinned by a research station, propsing advanced varietal development using cutting edge techniques.

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