Strawberry plants

Vivai Mazzoni has the widest range of varieties and types of plants. Thanks to this unique range, it can offer the best product for every type of production and for every area. We have selected the best areas for the production of plants and the most advanced techniques to satisfy all requirements.


Varieties with high-chilling (HC) requirements
The varieties with high-chilling (HC) requirements need at least 500 hours of cold to grow and produce in an adequate manner. They are suitable for cultivation in temperate and continental climates with sufficiently long winters to meet their cold needs.

Varieties with low-chilling (LC) requirements
The varieties with low-chilling (LC) requirements need less than 500 h of cold and are particularly suitable for production in sub-tropical Mediterranean areas.

Day Neutral o Everbearers (EB) varieties
They can produce strawberries throughout the whole growing season in any climate. The day-neutral varieties can be low-chilling (LC) or high-chilling (HC). The high-chilling varieties can be cultivated successfully in Mediterranean-climate areas only if planted after the end of winter, so that they have met their cold needs.