Pome fruit

Apples are Germany’s most popular fruit. Each person eats an average of 19.1 kg per year. But pome takes in much more than only apples: pears, quince and many other types of fruit are also classified as pome.

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Boomkwekerij Henri Fleuren B.V. B2 / B2-670

Scab-resistant apple varieties

Fleuren Nursery has a wide range of scab-resistant varieties in its programme. The assortment ranges from the early picking window (WURsixo, WURanda, Freya®) to the medium and late picking window (WURtwinning, Natyra®/Magic Star®).

Bayerisches Obstzentrum GmbH & Co. KG B1 / B1-140
Novelty / Premiere

Zauberapfel® - the first storable red-fleshed dessert apple

The Zauberapfel® has truly earned its name: completely dark red on the outside, it offers the customer a magical sight when cut open. The fact that the fruit is also crunchy, tastes good and can be stored very well borders on magic...

Inderst GmbH B2 / B2-110
Novelty / Premiere

Centrifugal Apple Mill/Crusher RM1,5 with frame

Centrifugal mill / crusher with replaceable stainless steel screens for adjusting the degree of shredding for pomaceous fruit, stone fruit and berries.

Bayerisches Obstzentrum GmbH & Co. KG B1 / B1-140
Novelty / Premiere


Perfect appearance, excellent taste, ripe for consumption from the tree and yet durable until spring: that is Salsa®, the new pear variety released by the Bavarian Centre of Fruit Breeding and Pomology! Enjoy it!

Vivai Mazzoni s.s. Società Agricola B1 / B1-224
Product Highlight


The double leader plant is already formed and is ready to be planted in the orchard at the time of purchase. The double leader plant is balanced and symmetric. The two Bibaum® leaders are spurred, so they have short branches that are already flower differentiated.

Profruit Machinery B2 / B2-540
Product Highlight

Fruit and Vegetable Washer Elevator Mill MAXIMILL

Fruit Washer Elevator Mill MAXIMILL is designed for washing, transporting and milling fruits and vegetables before further processing. We have perfected our Fruit washer elevator mill to be especially easy and convenient to use.

DALIVAL B1 / B1-100


IFO is one of the leading private companies specialised in the research of new varieties and rootstocks of apple and pear trees. They are also involved in variety development and variety management.

DALIVAL B1 / B1-100


Cameo® is an apple variety which combines very good eating qualities (sweet, crisp and very juicy), high yields in the orchards and outstanding storage potential

Organic Tools GmbH B3 / B3-374

Unlocking the potential of traditional orchards

For the cider producer Manfred Böhm the greatest lever for quality in cider lies in the correct harvesting of the fruit. Failures made here can no longer be made up for in the cellar. For the regularly harvesting workflow he relies on an innovative battery driven harvester from Austria.

Farmable AS FW / FW-23
Service Highlight

Farmable: empowering farmers worldwide

We accompany fruit farmers on their digital journey by offering an easy-to-use digital tool where you will access everything you need to meet the future of farming.

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