Inderst GmbH

Short description

Inderst Srl - specialized trade for products for fruit and wine growing and processing machines and equipment. For generations, we have been competent partners for products for the fruit- and wine-growing sector and also for the production of wine, fruit juice, beer, cider, jam, and much more.

Standards, Brands, Products, Services

  • P Machines and systems for orcharding, wine-growing and vegetable cultivation
  • P Additional machines and equipment
  • P Fruit growing and harvesting needs
  • P Packaging
  • P Wine cellar supplies
  • P Fruit molding press
  • P Filling units
  • P Fruit processing machines
  • P Bag in box
  • P Tanks

About us

Inderst Srl - For decades, we have been competent partners for topics related to fruit and wine growing and machinery and equipment for fruit processing. We strive to offer our customers added value through commitment, professionalism, and passion. We are known for innovation, experience, and an excellent 360°-service. Every day, 40 employees strive to provide our customers with the best possible service. 

In the field of fruit and wine growing, we offer products for laying out plants, the protection of the plants against pests, and the harvesting of fruit and vegetables. 

The area of machinery and equipment for fruit processing includes high-quality complete solutions for the production of fruit juices, cider, jam, dried fruit, and vinegar. From planning to commissioning.