New solutions for plant protection

Despite high quality requirements, pesticides are increasingly being restricted: an interesting area of tension.

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Bioteksa Europe GmbH Hall B1 / B1-380
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A Hyper Ca a day keeps the bitter pit away

Release the full potential of calcium! Our Colloidal Nanoporters® stabilise and optimise calcium uptake and provide a solution for healthier and more resilient crops.

BASF SE Hall B1 / B1-350
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Belanty® - Innovation makes the difference

Belanty® - THE innovation from BASF has been available to professional fruit growers for reliable protection of their crops against scab, powdery mildew and monilia since 2023. Belanty® enjoyed enormous demand in the market and led to complete sell-out in the first season.

Biodevas Laboratoires Hall B2 / B2-654
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Cultivate excellence at the heart of every woody crop with ACTIBOSCA

By intervening at key stages, ACTIBOSCA improves and secures the regularity and production quality of woody crops. Acting directly at the heart of the cell, it preserves the cultivar, ensuring the longevity of plantations.

MESTO Spritzenfabrik E. Stockburger GmbH Hall B3 / B3-214
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RS185 Backpack Sprayer

The 18-liter sprayer impresses with an ergonomic shut-off valve, integrated filter and control pressure gauge. The pump lever is adjustable in length and width for comfortable handling. The professional back carrying system with chest and hip belt ensures even load distribution.

Phytoplanta GmbH Hall B4 / B4-612
Novelty / Premiere

2 in 1 with the highly effective foliar fertilizers Green On® for visible more yield

Green On® foliar fertilizers from Phytoplanta offer the perfect solution for specialties and arable crops. More yield and strong growth in stress situations is at once possible with Green On®. Green On® is the simple way to gain more with less!

VOEN Vöhringer GmbH & Co. KG Hall B1 / B1-400
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VOEN Berry Covers

In recent years, many berry producers have come to appreciate the advantages of VOEN covering systems - you too can benefit from an optimal microclimate, better quality and a higher packout on your farm!

Menno Chemie-Vertrieb GmbH Hall B1 / B1-580

Specialist Consultant/Key Account Manager (m, f, d)

MENNO CHEMIE is a German, medium-sized company based in Norderstedt. We are recruiting for the next possible date: Specialist Consultant/Key Account Manager (m, f, d) in the North Rhine-Westphalia sales region

Trapview Hall B2 / B2-476
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Trapview – the bodyguard for your orchards and crops

Are you controlling the pest insects in your orchard, or are pest insects controlling your crops and destroying your business? "Pests destroy up to 40% of the world’s crops each year, causing $220 billion in economic losses." - UN FAO.

Trapview Hall B2 / B2-476
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Customer Feedback on Trapview from Italy

Trapview monitors more than 60 insect species in over 50 countries worldwide. We are presenting you with recent feedback, on how the Trapview solution helps our customers in Italy grow healthier and more sustainable olives.

Biodevas Laboratoires Hall B2 / B2-654
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Protect your crops from extreme weather conditions with GERMA

Specially designed to strengthen crops in the face of extreme climatic conditions, GERMA ensures that plant growth and physiological integrity are maintained in suboptimal environments.

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