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Trapview – the bodyguard for your orchards and crops

Are you controlling the pest insects in your orchard, or are pest insects controlling your crops and destroying your business? "Pests destroy up to 40% of the world’s crops each year, causing $220 billion in economic losses." - UN FAO.

Trapview is a novel crop protection decision support solution providing near-real-time automated monitoring and accurate forecasts about the future development of pest insects. This enables significant optimization of pest monitoring and crop protection operations. 

The information is used to decide upon the optimal timing and placement of crop protection applications, whatever type of crop protection is used - conventional, chemical, or biological. 

In addition to reducing the need for labor-intensive field scouting and related travels, making the right crop protection decision at the right time and place directly affects the quality and quantity of the yield. It also reduces the number of spraying applications and, consequently, the costs of operations

An independent third party commissioned a trial in France in an apple orchard. The trial results show the number of treatments were significantly reduced while keeping the identical quality of apples. Reduction of spraying application greatly depends upon pest pressure and integrated pest management practices. By using forecasting models, spraying applications can be significantly optimized. By knowing when, where, and if pest insects will be a farmer’s problem, pest insect scouting-related field visits are reduced by over 80%.

Currently, Trapview is monitoring more than 60 insect species in over 50 countries around the world, and new ones are to come. This positions Trapview as a key decision support tool for planning field activities and for optimal usage of crop protection products.

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