Small but perfectly formed: despite their size, berries are incredibly healthy and very popular. Whether eaten directly or processed they’re always delicious!

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Textiles, designer lamps and plastics from orange peels

About 78 million tons of oranges are produced worldwide. In Europe, most oranges come from Italy, Spain and Greece. During food production of juice or jams, enormous quantities of orange peels remain and are disposed of. In Italy alone, about 1 million tons of citrus peels are disposed of each year.

Green Sort sp. z o. o. B2 / B2-444
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Blueberry sorter

The Green Sort sorter detects internal damage. Analyzes the fruit in the visible light spectrum while overexposing them in infrared in the NIR spectrum.

Organifarms GmbH FW / FW-13
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BERRY - Harvesting Robot for Strawberries

BERRY, strawberry harvesting robot from Organifarms, automates the harvesting, quality control and packaging of the fruit. It is designed for use in the greenhouse, where it can autonomously navigate the heating tubes and change rows.

Metasa Metallkonstruktionen und Erntetechnik GmbH B1 / B1-260
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Protected cultivation / foil tunnel

The new ProfiDuo anchor drill made by Metasa is available in the following two versions: Version 1411.01 drilling dimension 8.0 to 12.0 m and version 1411.02 drilling dimension 5.0 to 8.0 m.

Inderst GmbH B2 / B2-110
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Net system IMF

The new IMF net system provides sustainable protection for vines and berries against storms, birds, and insects. The innovation here is the net rod, made of fiberglass.

4 Disc GmbH FW / FW-11


Goal of the processing is moving up and shredding old leaves, cutting off leaves, cutting down the stands after the harvest without damaging the foil and cutting off the tendrils in late summer. Get to know more in the videos.

CTR Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH B2 / B2-310
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ET 2400-3

Small wine stand: For the stylish serving of your wines, CTR Fahrzeuge offers the tastefully furnished small wine stand type ET 2400-3 on 1-axle chassis. The small mobile wine stand is the ideal opportunity to present and sell your wines.

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Manure Spreader for Vineyard, Orchard, Berries

Small-sized manure spreader for use between rows of different crops such as vineyards, orchards, berries, hazelnuts. It allows you to locate the product at the foot of the row and adjust the quantity to be distributed. Possibility of different customized equipment based on the type of product or wor

CTR Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH B2 / B2-310
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GA 4000-AV

Our mobile wine stand for your successful appearance. In contrast to other dispensing vehicles of this type, our mobile wine stand is primarily designed for a successful product presentation on site. Especially when it comes to wine sales.

DALSEM Complete Greenhouse Project B2 / B2-130
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DALSEM X-AIR Semi-Closed Greenhouse Solution

A new era for Semi-Close greenhouse growing! The Dalsem X-AIR Semi-Close Greenhouse Solution with the X-AIR System adds new dimensions to the current approaches for greenhouse growing.

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