Product Highlight

Our wide range of Fruit and vegetable packaging

Flexpack offers you a wide range of ecological packaging for fruit and vegetables. From paper bags, bags, and pouches to groundwood and corrugated cardboard trays, baskets, and crates.

FPS Flexpack GmbH offers a broad portfolio for professional packaging, transportation, shipping and cushioning. Above all, we stand for environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic packaging that are recyclable and sustainable and enjoy the highest level of trust among consumers. Natural materials are used in packaging for fruit and vegetables, such as fruit trays made of corrugated cardboard or groundwood trays made of molded fiber for berries, folding cartons for apple harvesting or asparagus crates. Visitors to Fruchtwelt can also look forward to the latest product innovations. These include a specially developed, particularly smart folding basket and grass paper banderoles for asparagus. These come with a practical closure function that eliminates the need for adhesive strips for packaging asparagus or other products.