Soil provides the basis for 90 % of our food. That means it is very important to cultivate soil properly – for example with fertilisation, irrigation, processing, or crop rotation.

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ILMER Maschinenbau GmbH Hall B3 / B3-300

Enormous cutting performance - The SMG rotary mower

Impressive cutting performance, particularly compact dimensions and extremely easy maintenance - no other swing arm mower combines all these features as uncompromisingly as the Ilmer SMG.

Harter Landtechnik GmbH several locations

SPEDO - Mechanical understock cultivation

Field of application: Fruit growing and viticulture. Mechanical weed control in the form of midstock and understock cultivation, clean and particularly gentle on the plant.

Alzchem Trostberg GmbH Hall B1 / B1-610
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"Healthy soils mean healthy plants" goes the saying – and more than 115 years of calcium cyanamide production later this rule still hits the nail right on the head!

RINK Spezialmaschinen GmbH Hall B1 / B1-320

RINK Narrow Track Dung Spreader WBS

Whether in vineyards, orchards or in special crops, the soil is a living organism. Every hectare healthy soil contains many tons of soil life. This soil environment can be obtained only if we feed it correct, that means organic mass need to be supplied by fertilizing to the soil.

ILMER Maschinenbau GmbH Hall B3 / B3-300

Precision meets power - The power harrow KR260

The Ilmer power harrow combines enormous torque and electro-hydraulic fine-touch for power and precision. The power harrow heads are pendulum mounted on a skid and the swing arm can be retracted electrically without an additional hydraulic control unit.

Nomady Hall B4 / B4-614
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Become a host for campers

Share your green spot in nature with campers, promote local and sustainable tourism, and earn a solid supplementary income. Become a host at Nomady within minutes.

MESTO Spritzenfabrik E. Stockburger GmbH Hall B3 / B3-214
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Free promotion: Free second battery with the purchase of an AQUA CADDY

60 L, incl. 2x18V Metabo rechargeable battery 4 Ah and EU charger, 4 different operating points, large water tank, powerful, robust pump, hose coupling with aquastop.

Heuling Maschinenbau GmbH & Co.KG Hall B2 / B2-444
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Runner cutter for raised beds

With our runner cutter, you can free the strawberry sides from runners before they take root - as gently as ever on the polythene. The special machine can be used on almost all bed shapes with 1, 2 or more rows of plantson each bed.

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