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Become a host for campers

Share your green spot in nature with campers, promote local and sustainable tourism, and earn a solid supplementary income. Become a host at Nomady within minutes.

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A Nomady Camp is a rare gem: a spot for adventurers in nature. It's not a mass-produced commodity; it's more than just a camping spot. The foundation for sustainability lies in appreciation. This appreciation leads to a respectful treatment of nature and culture, as well as fair compensation for hosts.

Who our hosts are

Hosts share our vision of nature-oriented tourism focused on simple things and small places, away from tourist crowds. Most often, they are private individuals, frequently farmers. However, tourism businesses, associations, or communities can also create an offering.

What makes an offering

Whether on the edge of a forest, in a meadow, or directly by a body of water, it's a beautiful piece of Earth suitable for tents, buses, RVs, or as a location for unique accommodation. The key is proximity to nature. We distinguish between camping and accommodations, offering not only camping spaces but also cabins, tipis, sleep barrels, or yurts.

How it works

  1. Create an offering: Capture your offering in a few simple steps. It's not only straightforward but also free.

  2. Welcome guests: Once your offering is reviewed and approved, you can welcome guests. You define when you're available, remaining flexible.

  3. Earn money: After the stay, you receive payment directly to your bank account. With just one camp, you can earn up to €10,000 per year.

Welcome aboard, and we'll see you outdoors,

Jannis from Nomady