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60 L, incl. 2x18V Metabo rechargeable battery 4 Ah and EU charger, 4 different operating points, large water tank, powerful, robust pump, hose coupling with aquastop.

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The 60 liter MESTO AQUA CADDY features a large water tank and a powerful, robust pump with brushless motor for long runtimes and a long service life. It is compatible with all Metabo 18V rechargeable battery packs and contains a 2x4 AH rechargeable battery, incl. charger. For maximum flexibility, the AQUA CADDY has a hose coupling with aquastop suitable for common angle grinders, core drills or irrigation sprinklers. The highlights are the four different operating points optimized for angle grinding, core drilling, irrigation or maximum pressure and flow rate. Therefore, no unnecessary water waste when angle grinding and core drilling, yet sufficient pressure and flow rate when irrigating plants or cleaning surfaces.


Ideal: Construction, gardening and landscaping 



Max. pressure

Max. flow rate

Max. runtime with 4 Ah rechargeable battery

Max. liters per 4 Ah rechargeable battery

Vertical range

Angle grinding

0.6 bar

6 L/min

approx. 110 minutes

580 liters

6 m


1.1 bar

8 L/min

approx. 80 minutes

512 liters

11 m

Core drilling

1.5 bar

9 L/min

approx. 77 minutes

364 liters

15 m


1.7 bar

10 L/min

approx. 70 minutes

440 liters

17 m

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