Organic Tools GmbH Hall B3 / B3-274
Novelty / Premiere

Picking up fruit with your drill

The 5th series of the Organic Tools fruit harvester OBSTRAUPE comes twofold. With OBSTRAUPE 05, your cordless drill can now pick up fruit and nuts. OBSTRAUPE 05+ comes with a battery and electric motor for long harvesting days. Hall B4 / B4-524
Novelty / Premiere

The new vending machine:

This new type of vending machine for direct sales requires neither electricity nor electronics! For direct sales of eggs, fruit, potatoes and nuts. Easy.

Optiflux NV Hall B3 / B3-280
Novelty / Premiere

Quality is assured

With its QualityControl™ cloud-based quality management platform, Optiflux empowers producers, traders and logistics experts worldwide with cutting-edge image detection and AI technology to automatically assess attributes such as size, color, shape and defects.

MOOSMANN GmbH & Co. KG Papiere und Verpackungen Hall B1 / B1-524
Novelty / Premiere

The new classics!

Fruit baskets are often used in supermarkets, fruit shops or markets to present fruit attractively and clearly - our classics are now also available in new sizes!

Inderst GmbH Hall B2 / B2-110
Novelty / Premiere

Destoner Pitting unit for cherries 230V 50Hz

The new professional device for quick use for the removal of cherries and mirabelles. It works just as well with small sour cherries as with big heart cherries or mirabelle plums.

Bioteksa Europe GmbH Hall B1 / B1-380
Novelty / Premiere

Are you still fertilizing or are you already nourishing?

What is the difference between plant fertilization and plant nutrition? We are convinced that plant nutrition goes beyond fertilization and is essential for innovative and future-oriented farms.

Phytoplanta GmbH Hall B4 / B4-612
Novelty / Premiere

2 in 1 with the highly effective foliar fertilizers Green On® for visible more yield

Green On® foliar fertilizers from Phytoplanta offer the perfect solution for specialties and arable crops. More yield and strong growth in stress situations is at once possible with Green On®. Green On® is the simple way to gain more with less!

Farmable AS Hall B1 / B1-122
Novelty / Premiere

NEW: Product Inventory Management meets Farm Management

Always up-to-date on inventory status for plant protection products. Register new purchases, waste and recounts in the app. Consumption of spray jobs is subtracted automatically. Save time on documentation and be always ready for an audit.

Bioteksa Europe GmbH Hall B1 / B1-380
Novelty / Premiere

A Hyper Ca a day keeps the bitter pit away

Release the full potential of calcium! Our Colloidal Nanoporters® stabilise and optimise calcium uptake and provide a solution for healthier and more resilient crops.

Straub-Verpackungen GmbH Hall B3 / B3-228
Novelty / Premiere

Customized Point-of-Sale Displays in Corrugated Cardboard - Stand Out at the POS!

"Customized Sales Displays — Perfect for Every Need" Whether you're an aspiring startup with a limited budget or an established company with specific requirements, access to individually designed sales displays has never been easier and more flexible.

Menno Chemie-Vertrieb GmbH Hall B1 / B1-580
Novelty / Premiere

Active ingredient benzoic acid - food safety through effective disinfection

A-QUASAN is the first and only authorised disinfectant with the active ingredient benzoic acid. It is authorised for use in storage, sorting, processing and water transport systems, including in organic farming. Causes no relevant residues, no corrosion damage.

AgriPV-Solutions GmbH Hall B4 / B4-712
Novelty / Premiere

Project Heuchlingen in Baden-Württemberg

Current agrivoltaic project on sweet cherries in Heuchlingen, Baden-Württemberg, east-west elevation: Construction of a test system/research with three different module transparencies.

FELCO Europe GmbH Hall B3 / B3-214
Novelty / Premiere

Alpen Wildhorn 32

Reliability and performance are at the heart of the WILDHORN 32, the Swiss-made electric secateurs. The quality and durability of the HSS blade, which is developed and manufactured by FELCO©, is unsurpassed in terms of sharpness and service life.