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Utilise the potential of your arable land for espalier fruit AND maximum renewable energy - with the innovative tracking system from Intech. Feel free to contact us!

Have you ever considered an agrivoltaic system above your espalier fruit crops? 
Sun, hail and frost protection, energy independence and less irrigation are just a few points that clearly speak in favour of it. The choice between opaque and semi-transparent modules in various sizes now also offers many options - unfortunately, two of the most important factors usually don't play into the cards. 

The cultivation of espalier fruit depends largely on the area of land available for it.
Soil conditions, slope, size of the field and, of course, accessibility for harvesting and maintenance machinery all play a major role. Most espalier orchards are not and will not be cultivated according to the usual photovoltaic parameters.

With our self-developed PV tracking system, we can elegantly circumvent these obstacles and at the same time present you with the most economical solution on the market.

Thanks to the modules moving around a horizontal axis of rotation, the photovoltaic system constantly aligns itself with the current position of the sun, thus maximising energy yield. Nevertheless, the modules can also be folded in manually or turned away from the sun. 


  • Height: 3 to 4.5 metres
  • Inclination: -50 to 50 degrees
  • Orientation: Any
  • Use: Trellis fruit growing & viticulture

Your advantages:

  • No irrigation necessary
  • Up to 20 % water savings
  • At least 20 % more energy yield (compared to optimally mounted fixed installations)
  • Energy independence possible
  • Can be used in almost all locations
  • Sun protection
  • Partial hail protection
  • 30-year service life
  • Proven healthier & more robust plants
  • Most economical solution on the market!

Contact us or visit us at stand B2-680, we will be happy to advise you and find the optimum Agri-PV solution for you. 

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