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Helmut Rink GmbH B2 / B2-370
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Fruit processing equipment

Washing - Milling - Pressing - Filtering - Pasteurising - Bottling For more than 30 years we have been specialising in the production of juices. We offer suitable solutions for stationary and mobile fruit processing.

Inderst GmbH B2 / B2-110
Novelty / Premiere

Centrifugal Apple Mill/Crusher RM1,5 with frame

Centrifugal mill / crusher with replaceable stainless steel screens for adjusting the degree of shredding for pomaceous fruit, stone fruit and berries.

Doma-Ker 2011 Kft. B3 / B3-520

Custom and series production food industrial machines

Speed, flexibility, reasonable delivery time When we designed our plant we had the ambition to create all of necessary activities in a ’stand-alone’ way, starting it with purchasing of materials and installation of all necessary machines, till final tests of the ready machines.

Profruit Machinery B2 / B2-540
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Bag in Box filler & pasteurizer working in perfect synergy

We produce Bag in Box fillers and pasteurizers and offer a perfect combination for a hot filling process. Both machines are designed to work flawlessly together, providing a perfect synergy and the best user-experience for the operator.

Feucht-Obsttechnik GmbH B1 / B1-250
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Nut processing - we are experts for many years

To wash. Dry. Calibrate. Cracking. From the nut harvest to the kernel. Process nuts quickly, easily and efficiently. We have machine for every amount of harvest. Learn more about in this post.

Profruit Machinery B2 / B2-540
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Fruit and Vegetable Washer Elevator Mill MAXIMILL

Fruit Washer Elevator Mill MAXIMILL is designed for washing, transporting and milling fruits and vegetables before further processing. We have perfected our Fruit washer elevator mill to be especially easy and convenient to use.

Organic Tools GmbH B3 / B3-374

Unlocking the potential of traditional orchards

For the cider producer Manfred Böhm the greatest lever for quality in cider lies in the correct harvesting of the fruit. Failures made here can no longer be made up for in the cellar. For the regularly harvesting workflow he relies on an innovative battery driven harvester from Austria.

Green Sort sp. z o. o. B2 / B2-444
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Water unloading

The first water unloading on the market, with dimensions similar to tippers with an upper discharge. The dimensions are only 3.1 m in length, 2.2 m in width, and 3 m in height. The machine is fully automatic - you only need to press one button to start emptying the box.

MITTERER Professional Sprayers B3 / B3-500
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The eco-friendly VR-series

Developed on modern air test benches and equipped with an innovative, hydraulically driven cross-flow blower, this series ensures that the ventilators can be controlled independently from the PTO shaft speed and enables the best possible adaptation to the conditions in the field.

Profruit Machinery B2 / B2-540
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Belt press POWERPRESS is designed for pressing fruit, berry and vegetable mass and producing juice. The machine has an integrated pump and juice collector for more convenient use.

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