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Helmut Rink GmbH Hall B2 / B2-370
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Fruit processing equipment

Washing - Milling - Pressing - Filtering - Pasteurising - Bottling For more than 30 years we have been specialising in the production of juices. We offer suitable solutions for stationary and mobile fruit processing.

Gripple Europe SARL Hall B2 / B2-342

APEX Anchor

The APEX anchor creates a safe and solid anchorage point underground. No pre-excavation of the soil is required, which drastically reduces installation time.

VIMAS GmbH Hall B3 / B3-400

Pneumatic defoliation machine ML

The pneumatic defoliation machine ML has been specially developed for the defoliation in apple cultivation. The machine is very efficient and allows fast and precise defoliation and, thanks to its adaptability, can be used anywhere.

Doma-Ker 2011 Kft. Hall B3 / B3-520

Custom and series production food industrial machines

Speed, flexibility, reasonable delivery time When we designed our plant we had the ambition to create all of necessary activities in a ’stand-alone’ way, starting it with purchasing of materials and installation of all necessary machines, till final tests of the ready machines.

Feucht-Obsttechnik GmbH Hall B1 / B1-250
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Nut processing - we are experts for many years

To wash. Dry. Calibrate. Cracking. From the nut harvest to the kernel. Process nuts quickly, easily and efficiently. We have machine for every amount of harvest. Learn more about in this post.

Hansa Products Europe GmbH Hall B3 / B3-240
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Hansa C7 Garden Chipper

The C7 is the market leader in its segment and is a real all-rounder when it comes to your bigger allotment or lifestyle block. Powerful and yet easy to handle, this Hansa wood chipper meets all your requirements:

Hansa Products Europe GmbH Hall B3 / B3-240
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Hansa C21 Wood Chipper

The Hansa C21 is a world-class chipper with a chipping capacity up to 130 mm in diameter, gravity-based self-feeding and road towable. The Soft-Start Technology and a 270° degree swivel outlet chute, makes the Hansa C21 a highly versatile and flexible machine.

MEYKO GmbH Hall B1 / B1-550

Your contact at Lake Constance

In response to numerous customer requests, we have expanded our product portfolio to include machines and attachments for orchards and vineyards. In addition to John Deere tractors of the 5 series, we offer you other machines from well-known manufacturers.

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