Novelty / Premiere

The new vending machine:

This new type of vending machine for direct sales requires neither electricity nor electronics! For direct sales of eggs, fruit, potatoes and nuts. Easy.

Depending on the product-size, it can be used for the direct sale of asparagus, strawberries, eggs, fruit, potatoes or even non-food products. In direct sales, it can be classified between  trust-sales  and an expensive high-tech machine. There are three different sizes that can be individually combined: The small compartments are 12x12x30cm, the medium ones are 12x43x30 cm and the large ones are 24x43x30 cm. With stacking the compartment lines, the sales capacity can be adjusted according to customer requirements. The money insertion works via a mechanical coin acceptor like the one we know from chewing gum machines: insert money and turn it. You can pay up to 12 euros for a product. If the product price cannot be inserted correctly, the change is put in the compartment.