Lime and rock powder spreader - KS 1200

The RINK KS 1200 disc spreader has a loading volume of 1.2m3 and is perfect for spreading lime and rock powder in viticulture and fruit growing. The spreading width and spreading thickness of the RINK KS 1200 can be adjusted using infinitely adjustable flow regulators .

The double disc spreading system of the RINK KS 1200 is equipped with stainless steel vanes and ensures the well-known and valued longevity of RINK products. The machines are equipped with a rigid axle with special tires. An integrated hydraulic slide ensures the easiest operation.

Technical data  
Length 3,40 m
Width 1,30 m
Height 1,55 m
Loading capacity 1,20 m3
Working width bis 12 m
Weight 470 kg
Spreading amount 0,3 - 20 mm
Hydraulic connection values ​​of the towing vehicle
Minimum flow rate 25 l/min
Minimum pressure 140 bar
Towing vehicle requirement 25 PS