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From tractors to harvesters and fruit-sorting plant and much more: the providers will be offering you a large selection of machinery and equipment. Everybody will find what they are looking for here.

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RINK Spezialmaschinen GmbH B1 / B1-320

Lime and rock powder spreader - KS 1200

The RINK KS 1200 disc spreader has a loading volume of 1.2m3 and is perfect for spreading lime and rock powder in viticulture and fruit growing. The spreading width and spreading thickness of the RINK KS 1200 can be adjusted using infinitely adjustable flow regulators .


Electric multifunctional machines for orchards

Harvesting on the ground, harvesting at medium tree height, year-round working with platform (pruning, thinning, tying, possibly opening hail nets) up to 40% incline.

Profruit Machinery B2 / B2-540

Pasteurizer-Filler ROCKET – ideal for small output

Pasteurizer-Filler Rocket is used for the pasteurization of juice and other liquid products and filling it to bottles or Bag in Box packaging. Capacity: 150 – 200 l/h.

Profruit Machinery B2 / B2-540

POWERPRESS: Efficient Fruit & Vegetable Mass Belt Press

Belt press POWERPRESS 3000 is designed for pressing fruit and vegetable mass. The fruit mass is placed on the tape which presses it against cylinders. Capacity: 3000 kg/h.

Feucht-Obsttechnik GmbH B1 / B1-250

Nut harvest and processing machines

Wash. Dry. Calibrate. Cracking: From the nut harvest to the kernel: process nuts quickly, easily and efficiently. Our machines are practical, efficient and scalable.

ASCHL B2 / B2-130
Product Highlight

ASCHL - a clean solution

Optimize your viticulture with our high-quality drainage solutions! From the boot washing system to the cleaning nozzle – clean, elegant drainage for winemakers. Explore innovation in viticulture with our solutions!

CMA Compact B2 / B2-574
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Electric platform for picking fruit: "get the right key"

Compact MULTIPLEX: introduction to the new Semi-automatic Fruit Harvesting Machine. On the same chassis you can easily install the plattform or the Semi-automatic Fruit harvesting system. It could also be hybrid with unlimited autonomy.

Zupan d.o.o. B3 / B3-524
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Individual plant protection machines

ZUPAN specializes in tailored plant protection machines. Visit our website to customize your ideal equipment, precisely matching your specifications and needs for optimal functionality.

Hansa Products Europe GmbH B3 / B3-332
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A real all-rounder — Hansa C7 Garden Chipper

The C7 is the market leader in its segment and is a real all-rounder when it comes to your bigger allotment or lifestyle block. Powerful and yet easy to handle, this Hansa wood chipper meets all your requirements:

KREUZMAYR Maschinenbau GmbH several locations

Stationary Belt Press — More Power For More Juice

Our crushing machines combine innovative crushing technology and high performance with simple handling. Automatic regulation of belts, high-pressure belt cleaning and optional brush cleaning distinguish them.

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