Product Highlight

ASCHL - a clean solution

Optimize your viticulture with our high-quality drainage solutions! From the boot washing system to the cleaning nozzle – clean, elegant drainage for winemakers. Explore innovation in viticulture with our solutions!

ASCHL Combined Channel

Versatile in the pressing and filling areas. Navigable by forklifts and heavy equipment due to the massive center grate. Ideal for pulp accumulation, designed for wastewater with a high solid content.

ASCHL Cellar Channel

Optimal drainage solution for your tank storage. Discreetly directs washing, condensation, and cellar moisture. Integrated slope facilitates water flow and cleaning. Robust, accessible by forklift and pallet truck.

ASCHL Coarse Debris Tray

Handles up to 10 liters of debris effortlessly in the pressing area. A flagship in coarse debris removal, perfect for pulp areas. High drainage performance per second ensures smooth water removal. Optional with 2 gutter connections.

ASCHL Cleaning Nozzle

Effective addition for cellar or combined channels. Fast cleaning with a Kärcher connection, prevents deposits. Includes a splash guard, plastic sliding plate, and a high-quality stainless steel nozzle.

ASCHL Boot Washing System + Splash Guard

Fast, efficient, relaxed. Clean your shoes effortlessly after work. The innovative splash guard keeps dirt in check. Easily adaptable for work shoes with a few simple steps. Seamless connection of up to three systems possible. Splash guard optional at an additional cost.

ASCHL Floor Drain Eurosink Junior Series

Our proven Eurosink Junior Series stands out for its robustness and lack of dead space. The flat design makes it particularly popular for renovation and existing building projects. This small stainless steel marvel is rightfully the bestseller among point drains. Rely on quality and reliability!