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We have been developing innovative approaches with photovoltaics for over 20 years and offer customised projects for agriculture and off-grid power supply. We support you from planning to installation and guarantee the highest quality. Shape your future sustainably!

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  • P Solar systems
  • P Energy production
  • P Orcharding and viticulture
  • S Agricultural construction consulting, planning
  • S Energy
  • S Research
  • S Consulting

About us

Renewable energies are not just an option - they are the future. 

We have been pioneers in the field of photovoltaic systems for more than two decades and are actively committed to making renewable energies marketable.

Our mission is clearly defined: Together with our customers, we want to realise ecologically and economically viable projects. Regardless of whether you need a solution for the agricultural sector, are looking for an off-grid power supply or want to make yourself independent of rising electricity prices and protect the environment at the same time. 

Thanks to constant innovations such as our Agri-PV solutions, the Intech Floating Body or our energy containers, we are constantly opening up new areas of application for photovoltaics and thus successfully replacing fossil fuels.

At Intech Clean Energy, your project takes centre stage. We develop it together with you and support you from planning to installation. The components of our systems are carefully selected according to quality, reliability and local availability and customised for each project. This enables us to guarantee our customers long-term and maximum system performance.

Contact us today and let's create a sustainable future together!