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Hansa Products are specialized in designing and manufacturing high quality chipping and shredding equipment. We are always looking for new ways to create a better chipping experience and our goal is to produce products that help you work faster, better and safer than ever before.

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About us

Whether it’s a hired machine, a personal purchase or a business investment, we believe in providing the best chipping experience. That’s why our chippers come with a 3 year warranty on registration, and we have developed ongoing service and support systems to keep you chipping for a lifetime. Our Machines are of such a high quality that we can still find working units of early model chippers that were made by Hansa 40 years ago.

As proud as we are about the chippers we produce, we know they need to earn their keep while they’re in your hands. So, whether you’re tending your own gardens, working as a landscaper, a professional arborist or other commercial user, our chippers are all designed to make tough work enjoyable. It’s not just about getting the job done, but the experience of doing it well, and doing it better – using less time, less people, and having less down-time. Our customers are people like us, people who take pride in their work and have an appreciation for a job done well.

As specialists in chippers, we offer a superior product to ensure we remain competitive to mass manufacturers. That’s why all our machines are of our own design and use the latest manufacturing technologies in our engineering and production including: Solidworks 3D Design, CNC machining, Laser-cutting, CNC folding, Robot welding and in-house powder-coating facilities. Our dedication to production quality helps us stand apart from others and produce unmatched durability of finish.

With the long lifespan of our products, our customers don’t buy replacements often. To maintain this quality, our sustainable approach is to grow our exports so that more people can enjoy the very best chippers we can make – without compromise. We also believe in environmental sustainability. Our chippers are built to be as efficient as possible and are finished with a non-toxic surface. Our customers are people who believe in re-using their woodchip as mulch for a socially responsible approach to greenwaste that adds value back into the landscape.