Product Highlight

World-class with Hansa C21 Wood Chipper

The Hansa C21 is a world-class chipper with a chipping capacity up to 130 mm in diameter, gravity-based self-feeding and road towable. The Soft-Start Technology and a 270° degree swivel outlet chute, makes the Hansa C21 a highly versatile and flexible machine.

The largest of the Hansa gravity self-feeding options, this world-class chipper boasts an extremely heavy-duty cutting disc with a chipping capacity of 130 mm in diameter, enabling it to handle the rigorous needs of the most demanding operator. The electric start V-twin engine makes starting a breeze, and its inlet chute is specifically shaped to assist feeding of heavier branches and bushy foliage.

The C21RT is powered by the mighty 21 HP Honda GX630 engine. An industrial grade electric start engine. Together with Honda we have undertaken a detailed engine match testing programme to ensure the capabilities of the C21RT are perfectly balanced with the power output of the Honda GX630. This ensures longevity of the high performance of both the chipper and engine.

The C21RT delivers extraordinary self-feeding performance. The large 80 kg cutting disc rotates at 1800 RPM creating a self-perpetuating inertia. The draft created by the winged cutting disc pulls foliage into the machine fast and effectively through the 200 x 285 mm infeed opening. The outlet chute height of 1885 mm allows the user to load chip onto a trailer, ute, truck or stockpile.


  • 👉🏻 chipping capacity 130 mm
  • 👉🏻 80 kg cutting disk / 1800 RPM / 650 x 20 mm
  • 👉🏻 270° swivel outlet chute
  • 👉🏻 Soft-Start-Technology