DES DOO Copper distillery units

Short description

We have extensive experience in tradtional pot stills production and custom-made distillery projects, up to 3000 L. World wide distilleries choose our copper stills for crafting the finest spirits.

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  • S CE
  • P Distillery / Distillation

About us

The company DES Subotica was founded in 1961 when the production of the best quality distilling equipment started, made of pure electrolytic copper of DHP quality. We have developed a range of products from small-capacity hobby models to professional installations for large distilleries.
By escalating into new markets and expanding the distribution network, we make our products available to a large number of customers, on all continents. Our brand is based on recognizable and long-lasting products with impeccable finishing for which we provide an excellent price, performance, and quality ratio.