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200 L aroma max column copper still

PREMIUM DWC 150-200 L with aroma max column is designed primarily for the distillation of aromatic drinks such as fruit brandies and gin. Very interesting product, our best seller.

These devices are powered, depending on our customer's requirements either:

  • solid fuel;
  • electricity capacity 18kW/h;
  • gas with gas burners with a capacity of about 30-50kW; LPG or natural gas
  • steam

It is also possible to combine heating methods.

  1. The furnace, a double wall is made of chrome, designed for a gas burner with a power of 30 kW or electric heaters with a power of 8-18 kW, with a working pressure of up to 0.5 Bari and a working temperature of 104-120℃. To ensure energy efficiency, the combustion chamber is insulated with EPDM - Thermopolymer.
    The advantages of this heating system are multiple:
    • increased energy efficiency / significantly lower energy consumption;
    • uniform operation and high stability of the system during the entire distillation process;
    • eliminates the risk of the boiler burning. The device also provides the possibility of direct injection of steam from the combustion chamber into the pot during the distillation process and in this way additionally heats the tephra, speeding up the distillation process itself up to approx. 25%.
  2. The pot still has a net capacity of 150-200 L, made of pure electrolytic copper. The shape of the pot is concave, designed for uniform circulation of the juice during the centrifugal mixing process, where the diagonally positioned mixer of 96 RPM works with significantly less stress, directs the mass flow vertically (up-down) and in this way ensures an easier release of ethanol vapor to the surface.
  3. The Aroma max column for rectification contains a model of plates designed for the distillation of alcoholic beverages, which ensure significantly prolonged contact of alcohol vapor with copper, thus eliminating the need for a second distillation (precooking). The column is designed for the distillation of alcoholic beverages with an ABV percentage greater than 90%, which ensures significant interaction of alcohol vapor with copper and high purification of alcohol vapors.
  4. The deflagmator is completely made of copper where it is best to set the working temperature to about 85 ℃. It is used for initial condensation and to separate alcohol vapors (ethyl alcohol evaporates at a temperature starting at 78.15 ℃) from water vapor that evaporates at a higher temperature than the operating temperature of the deflagration.
  5. The cooling system is flow-through, made of acid-resistant prochrome and functions according to industrial cooling principles. In this way, it ensures stable cooling in controlled conditions and very good energy efficiency in terms of water consumption.
  6. The CIP system for automatic cleaning of the device contains 5 units with sprinklers built into all components of the device and operates with a working pressure of 4.6 bar.

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