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ASCHL is among the foremost providers of stainless steel drainage systems and pipeline components.

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  • P Ground systems, ground coverings
  • P Hygiene products
  • P Other products
  • P Wine cellar supplies
  • S Agricultural construction consulting, planning
  • S Consulting

About us

From wellness to parking, from the food industry to healthcare, our innovative drainage solutions are versatile and applicable in all areas. Whether it's for a small shower, a large recreational facility, production halls, retail spaces, aircraft hangars, parking garages, or vineyards, there is hardly a sector where we are not represented with efficient drainage and pipeline technology.

At the forefront of product technology, we place a high value on perfect practicality, such as easy cleaning or elegant aesthetics. For each application area, we offer specific products. For instance, we have developed a completely watertight parking deck channel called SECURIN® specifically for parking garages and underground parking structures. In swimming pools and wellness areas, our elegant SPArin® drain is the star.

Our stainless steel drainage technologies are also individually tailored to our customers and their needs. For every construction situation and ambiance, we provide the appropriate drainage system. Above all, longevity is our specialty: ASCHL's drainage technologies continue to function like new even after 30 years.