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Research and Development made in Weihenstephan

The BGT has extensive equipment in the field of process technology, as well as raw material and product analysis. Various analysis and measuring devices enable the mechanical, optical, chemical and microbiological characterization of foodstuffs.

The ambition of our research activities is to verify the characteristics, with all its interactions between the provided and processed complex vegetable food- and beverage matrix and the physico-chemical and biological reactions in a procedural and process engineering context. We want to achieve a better understanding of the interactions of the raw material grain (respectively malt), the resulting product- and process characteristics and the final product. Keywords therefore are flavor-process-engineering, raw material and product design, food safety, and current issues of the legislature with all the thereby connected implications. We want to dedicate ourselves to the requirements, regarding the consumer expectations and the increasing importance of the techno- and bio-functionality. In particular, we are planning the use of new fermentation consortia. Why should we not use grain to develop additional product spectra? One can consider grain shakes or protein shakes on a cereal /vegetable raw material basis, or other (bio-) functionalized beverages or cereals. In addition, we consider the potential of techno-functionalization from grain fractions or their ingredients, with all the associated opportunities in brewing, beverage or cereal industry.

This is in context with a constantly growing “whole grain, green labeling” development. This should be seen completely out of context, whichever liquid or solid final product will be produced from grain. We are analyzing with novel, especially although imaging techniques, the important structuring and biotransformation processes from corn to the final product. We are dedicated to advanced process technologies (e.g. continuous processes, novel structuring processes, novel bioprocesses, innovative process management, and certifying to which extend they imply gain to the industry. By the use of novel analyzing methods, we want to give the qualification of raw materials from the cultivation of the plants to the final products a superior point of view.

Therefore, we established 5 working groups, which are dealing extensively with this research approach and in almost any constellation, to be available for you as a possible co-operation partner: