Environmentally friendly grass paper sleeve for your asparagus

Our environmentally friendly grass paper sleeve protects your asparagus and presents it attractively to your customers. Compared to conventional paper, grass paper consists of 40% grass fiber and requires less energy, hardly any water and no process chemicals during production.

The grass paper sleeve from Flexpack is an environmentally friendly alternative to the conventional asparagus band (T-band) made of paper. In addition, it offers a variable closure option, which means that the usual adhesive strips can be dispensed with. This makes it completely plastic-free and biodegradable packaging.

The grass paper consists of up to 40% grass. Production from this rapidly renewable and renewable resource reduces the need for wood from valuable forests. In addition, the production of grass paper requires less energy, hardly any water and no process chemicals compared to the production of conventional wood paper, which results in a lower environmental impact and a saving of around 50% CO2. Despite its natural color tone and rougher texture, grass paper offers high print quality to attractively display product information, logos and images. What's more, the sustainable look and feel promote sales, as consumers associate the products packaged with it with sustainability and freshness.