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Committed to good taste - that has been our motivation for over 25 years

Artevos is an association of various shareholders who have joined their forces to support the development, promotion and marketing of new, healthy fruit varieties by

It takes a very long time, around 20 - 25 years, for a variety - bred exclusively conventionally by the company's partners - to actually reach the market. Breeders are supported by Artevos and promising new fruit varieties are critically examined and only marketed if the results are convincing. And the results are impressive: Diverse varieties that combine tasty enjoyment with the highest standards of resilience and easy care. Ideally suited for commercial fruit growing and/or private gardens.

The variety overview on the Artevos website offers a small foretaste.

Visit Artevos at Fruchtwelt 2024 on booth hall B1 B-540.