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100% energy from biomass

100% biomass: Discover sustainable panels made from biomass energy. Reduce CO2 emissions, minimize the ecological footprint and maintain high quality.

100% biomass

Sustainably manufactured panels made from energy from biomass – resource-saving and environmentally friendly.

The basic idea is to use biological waste materials, for example from organic kitchen waste, instead of fossil energy in the production of these panels. This offers a sustainable, resource-saving PU foam system whose production can save CO2 emissions. This variant allows us to reduce the ecological footprint while using sustainable materials.

The use of biomass as an energy source for the sandwich panels offers numerous advantages. On the one hand, it helps reduce dependence on fossil fuels and thus supports the transition to renewable energies. On the other hand, it enables the efficient use of resources, as organic waste would otherwise often remain unused.

In addition, the sandwich panels made from biomass energy offer the same quality and performance. They do not differ in product characteristics and meet all the required standards for industrial and cold storage construction. ­čĆŚ
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